Fallen Empires:  Cleopatra in Space #5 by Mike Maihack

Spring Break seemed like a good time to bring the grand-twins the latest books in a favorite series.   Fallen Empires was just such a book (and I must admit, it was satisfying to see it was such a compelling hit).  Xavius Octavian–super villain who went from being Cleo’s best friend to a hard-hearted and ruthless dictator–continues his assault on the galaxy.  We also learn more of the complicated history that made him what he is.  Cleo continues to be her confident, plucky, amazing self, and the other characters create a diverse and satisfying part in the adventure tale.  The art is simply amazing in portraying Cleo’s action sequences and her special personality.  I continue to love the futuristic Egypt landscape, with its pyramid skyscrapers and gleaming buildings. The series is really a lot of fun to read and reread, looking for details in the graphics.  I understand there is one more book planned in the series. . .I’ll be watching for it.  It doesn’t seem possible that we first read Cleo’s adventures way back 4 years when the twins were 8 years old; we reviewed the Book #1 Target Practice enthusiastically.  You can also check out our reviews of Book 2:  The Thief and the Sword,and Book 4 The Golden Lion.  Though the kids are now 6th graders instead of second graders, their delight in the series remains, so I can attest to its interest for a range of ages.  Check it out!


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