The Bad Guys:  Intergalactic Gas (The Bad Guys #5) by Aaron Blabey

A couple of years ago, I discovered (and recommended) The Bad Guys (#1).  Since that time, the series has grown to 9 titles!  I kept up with the first couple and shared them with our nephew Ian.  This week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my great-nephew (!) Roger and going to the Seattle pubic library during spring break. Browsing through the books, Great-Uncle Jim pulled out book #5, remembering how much Ian had enjoyed the early books in the series.  We brought the book home, and read it aloud, (though it was the perfect reading level for 6-year-old Roger, who has definitely cracked the code). We all laughed so hard we were practically crying.  In this story, the Bad Guys are still trying to convince the world that they  have reformed and are actually Good Guys.  When they discover the world is ending, they are determined to save it.  To succeed, they must “borrow” a rocket and come up with a series of intricate plans.  But Mr. Piranha throws a wrench in the works when he might just have eaten a few too many bean burritos.  Uh oh. . . Luckily for the friends, they use his farting gas explosions to save the day.  Silly, funny, and fun to read.  (But be warned–a lot of potty humor jokes, so if you don’t want your kids hearing them it may not be a good fit.)  If this one strikes you and your kids’ fancy, check out the other titles.  We sent Roger The Bad Guys:  Attack of the Zittens, and just heard via email that he sat right down and read it as soon as it arrived.  We can highly recommend the readability for advanced first-graders, and second-grade readers, though the series is fun for all ages to share together.

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