TWO CAN KEEP A SECRET by Karen McManus: YA Guilty Pleasure

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus

Karen McManus follows up her best-selling YA Thriller One of Us Is Lying. It tells you quite a bit about the book to see on the cover that the subtitle is:  . . .If One is Dead!  In our recommendation for the first book, we found the writing to be fine, but not the best; nonetheless, the book was “strong and engaging and a lot of fun.”  This recommendation for her new book retains the same caveat, and the same endorsement.  For me, it was a kind of guilty pleasure to be caught up in the mystery and the characters and trying to guess what was going on. Definitely a page turner that kept my interest. Ellery and her twin are whisked away to their mother’s home town in small town Vermont to live with their grandmother when their mother enters rehab for an opioid addition. The mom had a twin sister who was homecoming queen in high school, and disappeared. Just five years ago the current homecoming queen was murdered.  And now that Ellery is in town, there is another threat centered around homecoming. Ellery and her brother Ezra may have success is finding out what ties the different crimes across the years together–if they can uncover the secrets at the heart of the town scandals. The story is told in alternating chapters by Ellery and Malcolm, whose brother was implicated in the murder of the homecoming queen a few years past.  Tension and mystery abound, and if you are looking for a light read and fast-pasted thriller experience (and don’t mind the lack of character development), I would recommend Two Can Keep a Secret.


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