THE FATES DIVIDE by Veronica Roth, a Sequel to CARVE THE MARK

The Fates Divide by Veronica Roth

Last year, Veronica Roth began an eagerly anticipated new YA series:  Carve the Mark , which we enthusiastically reviewed. At last, the appeared in print this month, and I was eager to dig in.  Here’s a tip for readers who read the complex first novel over a year ago, like me:  revisit it either through a quick skim or through reading a synopsis or study guide.  I was so eager to re-enter the world Roth created that I dove right in and found myself confused by the characters and their families and loyalties.  It took me a few chapters of confusion before I gave up and read the synopsis, which helped a great deal.

So:  I did end up enjoying the book, and appreciating the (literal) twists of fate that occur and the satisfying conclusion.  Once my confusion was cleared up, I was able to follow the characters in their fated lives, and the ironic turns of fate that entailed.  I don’t want to include any spoilers, so I won’t divulge the major surprise that occurs about halfway through the book and turns the prophesies upside down.  The characters don’t disappoint, and the issues about war and morality are thoughtfully expressed.  I am thinking this second book concludes the story, but there are some hints that there might be a third book in the sequence.  Stay tuned!




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