Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor, Book 2) by Jessica Townsend

I hadn’t intended to follow up on the sequel to Nevermoor:  The Trials of Morrigan Crow so quickly, but when I saw it was hot off the presses, I couldn’t resist and I sat right down to read it as soon as it arrived.  So you have a hint at where my review is headed.  And you’d be correct; Book 2 fulfilled the promise of the first book and shows that this new series is a delightful addition to the bookshelves of readers who loved Harry Potter.  

Now that Morrigan is entering the next phase of her education at the elite school for scholars in the Wundrous Society, she encounters both new friends and alliances and new levels of evil.  As the adventures unfold, Morrigan must prove herself again and again.  The delightful (and sometimes scary) world Morrigan has been whisked away to becomes even more eccentric.  There are some very strange professors in her new Academy, like the bizarre and terrifying split personality of her main advisor, who literally transforms from one distinct person to another, even having conversations with her alter ego.  The challenges of the magical arts are both frightening and enchanting for Morrigan and her best friend Hawthorne.

The “tricksy” roads that change and “trick” you if you enter them are a fascinating feature of Morrigan’s new world.  The black market there is also intriguing and evil, with many moral implications for further discussion with interested middle graders. A very satisfying conclusion, which points to the next in the series.  Thank you, Jessica Townsend!


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