RHYME FLIES by Antonia Pisenti: Wordplay in a Board Book

Rhyme Flies by Antonia Pisenti

Our family loves language playfulness:  puns, jokes, rhyming, alliteration. . .So I went on a search for a board book for our newest family member:  Elias.  He’ll be coming to visit with his family next month, and I wanted to have a board book as part of his welcome.  And I found the perfect book!  Rhyme Flies is a super sturdy board book with foldout pages, enticing bold pictures, and enough language playfulness to cause outloud giggling.  The book opens with a picture of an alarm clock on a bedside table.  When you open the foldout:  I giant crocodile with an alarm clock for a head with the words “Alarm Croc.”  It’s a wonderful read aloud, where adults can guess what the joke will be, and on follow-up readings, pause while the toddler opens the page.  One of my favorites?  “Orange Goose” in the morning.  It’s just plain fun, and I imagine Elias’ older sisters reading it aloud to him and chuckling over the wordplay.  I’ll keep you posted on the book’s success.

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