MAKING FRIENDS by Kristen Gudsnuk: Another Tween Graphic Novel to Recommend

Making Friends by Kristen Gudsnuk

Whether the middle school experience starts in grade 5, 6,  (or 7 as it does in protagonist Danny’s world), it is a time of transition:  understanding a new school culture, making different friends, and perhaps hardest of all, keeping friends that you care about. Danny finds it difficult that her best friends are in different classes than she now that she is in middle school, and they are forming new friendships and cliques. Enter magic:  her rather odd great-aunt leaves her a magic sketchbook–where anything she sketches comes to life.  What happens when she draws Madison, the perfect new best friend? And more to the point, what complications arise when your new best friend discovers she was created by magic?  Be sure to take note of the details in the illustrations; Gudsnuk is known for including lots of little jokes in her drawings.  The blend of fantasy, art, and the ups and downs of middle school friendship make this new graphic novels a winner.

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