THE NAMELESS CITY by Faith Erin Hicks: Brilliant New Graphic Novel Series

The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks

What a terrific adventure you embark on when you dive into The Nameless City! If you have readers in your family who are fans of the graphic novel genre (yes, please), you’ll want to get your hands on this new series.  The artwork is stunning, with all kinds of different perspectives to show the city and the characters.  And the characters are simply remarkable.  The City itself is an ancient one, built by a people long long ago and no one remembers who they were.  Since that time, the City, which is strategically located in a mountain pass, has been conquered again and again.  Each time it is taken over, the new conquerors give it another name.  The people who have lived there the longest refuse to use any of those names, and consider their home “The Nameless City.”   Kaidu is one of the newest outsiders, a member of the latest nation to occupy the Nameless City, the Dao.  He meets Rat, a native of the City, living by her wits on the street.  The two become unlikely friends, working to unite all the City’s factions.  As Kaidu and Rat explore the City, they compete with each other, taunt each other, and challenge each other on the road to becoming allies who teach the adults to look through new lenses.  This is a perfect book for tweens and early adolescents, though I admit to really immersing myself in the adventure, too.  I’ve just started the second in the series, The Stone Heart, which picks up exactly where the first leaves off.  And I look forward to September when books 3 The Divided Heart  comes out.  You still have time to catch up in time for the latest adventure!

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