THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH by Max Braillier, illustrated by Douglas Holgate

The Last Kids on Earth by Max Braillier, illustrated by Douglas Holgate

If the tweens in your life like graphic novels with adventure, thrills and chills, zombies, and great characters–not to mention lots of humor and fun–look no further.  The Last Kids on Earth series is a sure-fire hit. The premise is an apocalypse in the town of Wakefield, brought on by a monster attack.  Not only has the town been destroyed, but it is now filled with gigantic–and gross–slime-filled creatures.  Not only that, almost the whole population has been turned into zombies!  Thirteen-year-old Jack is an exception.  He struggles to survive, and ultimately finds a couple of fellow students  who team up to  rescue a classmate they believe is trapped in their decimated school.  Lots of crazy creatures give their adventures some zest:  a rolling ball of zombies, a revenge-filled creature with bad eyesight called BLARGH, and a monster-dog name Rover.  These inventions add both humor and excitement to the plot.  The characters seem like true-to-life teens in their humorous dialogue, and also in their emotional depth.  The pencil drawings are superb and little touches also add to the humor.  Best of all, it’s the start of a series, so your readers will have a summer of novels ahead of them.


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