POSITIVELY IZZIE by Terri Libenson: Tween Graphic Novel Recommendation

Positively Izzie by Terri Libenson

Terri LIbenson is one of my favorite new graphic novel authors.  Her work is perfect for tweens, especially those in middle school.  She captures the age so well, understanding the culture as well as how different kids enter the ebb and flow of daily life at that age. We (and I mean all of us, especially 11-year-old Molly), loved Libenson’s first book, Invisible Emmie, as you can see from our review. In her latest book, Libenson looks at how labels become a central feature in middle school–and what happens when two very different girls become friends as they move beyond labels’ restrictions.  Izzie is the dreamer, while Brianna is the brain.  Their lives seldom cross, until they both take the drama of middle school to the stage: the school talent show.  The characters ring true, as do the many levels of drama in the middle school years, with crushes, jealousies, cliques, families, self-discoveries. . .and even growing confidence.  The illustrations are a delight, and include lots of comedy for the discerning reader.  It’s also a great companion novel to Invisible Emmie.  A delightful read.


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