THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black: The Start of a New YA Series

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, Book 1 of The Folk of the Air Series

Another new year, another great new YA series by Holly Black.  It’s a pleasure to recommend a newly published Young Adult novel, and especially sweet to be able to let our readers know that it is an on-going pleasure, with two more books in the series to come. If you’ve read Holly Black before, you’ve likely appreciated her world of faeries and mortals, and the difficulties between the two realms.  These tensions play out in The Cruel Prince as well, where a young human girl becomes caught up in a fairy intrigue, a royal one at that.  Jude is our fascinating and courageous heroine, a mortal whose parents were murdered and she and her sisters are stolen away to the realms of the faeries and raised there in the intrigue of the High Court of the Faeries. Our story takes place ten years after her arrival; Jude wants to find a way to belong in this world, but mortals are definitely second-class citizens. She is both drawn to and repelled by the cruel prince himself, Cardan.  The book is riveting, with action and deception, love and loyalty, suspenseful spy plotting, and terrifying human/faeries interactions. The plot is intricate, but draws readers in and has surprises I never expected. I never lost interest, and now I am aching for the next in the series. Book 2, The Wicked King is coming soon! Can’t wait!

2 Responses to THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black: The Start of a New YA Series

  1. abceptionreads says:

    I’m pretty sure the sequel is titled The Wicked King, not Guard Your Heart

  2. ruthlit says:

    thanks for letting me know!

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