RENEGADES by Marissa Meyer: Terrific New YA Series Begins

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Fresh on the heels of her great success with The Lunar Chronicles, and her recent stand-alone best seller Heartless, Marissa Meyer is moving away from fairytale retellings and into brand new territory. This new universe is a bit darker, but not so dark as to be in the same category as other dystopian fare. In the world in which this story takes place, there is deadly rivalry between the Anarchists and the Renegades.  Both groups have superpowers of a kind (they are named Prodigies) and each believes they are fighting the good fight.  When these Prodigies first arrived, they were feared and hunted until Ace Anarchy led the Prodigies, and began the Age of Anarchy.  Unfortunately normals as well as Prodigies sunk into a life of crime and living without laws; well, anarchy prevailed. Rival gangs murdered and stole from each other.  Then the Renegades banded together:  prodigies who fought crime and protected those who needed protecting. Renegades started putting the world back together.

So, that’s the premise, but doesn’t tell you anything about the characters, conflict, action, and thrills.  Nova and Adrian (one an Anarchist, the other a Renegade) tell the story as it unfolds.  Both are compelling and fleshed-out characters–and of course, their paths cross.  There are capes and masks, star-crossed lovers (maybe), recognition of good and evil and the fine line between, deception and fast-paced action.  Told with Meyer’s ear for dialogue, and skill for creating believable twists and turns of plot, Renegades is the beginning of a terrific new YA series.  Highly recommended!


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