BLISS BAKERY Trilogy by Kathryn Littlewood: Cooking and Magic for Middle Readers

Cooking and magic are big cross-overs in our family.  Reading Harry Potter?  Time for pumpkin pasties or treacle tart (Harry’s favorite). If you’re a Mary Poppins fan (the original literary one, we mean), you’ll want to bake gingerbread stars.  Conjuring up  smells and tastes is  such a delightful way to immerse ourselves in the literary worlds we are inhabiting–especially when they are steeped in magic.  That’s one of the reasons we were drawn to the Bliss Bakery Trilogy: a delightful reading experience for young readers who appreciate the joys of cooking and magic.  Who wouldn’t want a special leather-bound volume to cook from with enchanting recipes like “Singing Gingersnaps”  “Truth Cookies?”  If this makes you hungry for more, read on. . .

Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood

The series begins with Bliss, and highlights Rosemary Bliss and her family who possess the amazing and magical Bliss Cookery Booke–never to be used when the parents are out of town.  What happens when a mysterious stranger  (“Aunt Lil”) rides into town on a motorcycle and whips up delicious meals for the family while the folks are away?  Rose and her siblings decide it would be fun to try out just a recipe or two from the forbidden cookbook.  It turns out there is lots of magic and mishaps to undo with hilarious results at every turn. Adventure and magic, wit and engaging writing, and a special sweetness makes this a series to fall in love with, even without Love Muffins. And you can extend the pleasure  by digging into A Dash of Magic and Bite-Sized Magic.  Great reading for the fall, or anytime of the year.



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