A Trio of Board Books for New Parents

The perfect gift for new parents?  Books, of course!  Favorites from when you –or your kids–were babies or toddlers are a great place to start.  But every year, terrific new board books are published that you don’t need to wait for babies to grow into.  Here are three recently published books we recommend sharing  with parents, who can cuddle up with a book and their little ones right from Day One.

Lucha Libre:  Anatomy/Anatomia by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein

What a great way to learn body parts–and in both English and Spanish. Bright, colorful illustrations add to the fun.  And did we mention. . .wrestling? One word and one image per page helps introduce young children to concepts perfectly.  If you and your little reader enjoy this one, check out the other books in the Lil’ Libros baby board book series. Our other favorites:  Loteria:  First Words/Primeras Palabras and Zapata: Colors/Colores.


Welcome:  A Mo Willems Guide for New Arrivals by Mo Willems

If you are a fan of Mo Willems  (like we are! see our previous post) you will be thrilled to share this new book with parents. An amusing and delightfully illustrated read-aloud.  Not to mention heart warming. I’ve heard new parents say it is the best baby book they’ve received.  Read it and see why!


Who, What, Where? by Olivier Tallec

We love the work of Olivier Tallec, and gave copies of Who Done It? to friends and family. In the same format of each page asking the reader a question about the characters featured on the spread, Tallec draws on interacting with the book using insights and keen eyes.  Kids can certainly read the facial expressions of the characters, as well as the little details that point out “Who’s looking in the mirror?” or “Who left a jacket at home?” With his trademark sly humor and whimsical art. Tollec has created another winner of a lap book to share and enjoy.



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