THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas: A New Soon-To-Be Classic To Recommend

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas

Such an important new book! Not only is the plot line riveting, the characters believable and intriguing, and the writing engaging, the novel is  important and topical, emotional and powerful.  I’m not the first reader or reviewer that sees it as a soon-to-be classic.  This gut-wrenching novel shows the battle for justice of a brave young woman, Starr, as she experiences the death of friends, racial stereotypes, as well as the support and care of a loving family. The book, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, humanizes situations that are portrayed in the media, from every angle.  This is a masterful feat, as the story is told from one point of view, Starr’s, which makes it easier to be drawn into the compelling narrative. I recommend this book for every reader in high school and older.  John Green’s review says it all:  “Stunning, brilliant, gut-wreching. . .” To avoid spoilers, I am not going to summarize the plot–just trust me on this and get your hands on the book!


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