FIRSTBORN by Tor Seidler: Must Reading for Yellowstone Visitors

Firstborn by Tor Seidler

We just returned from a trip to Yellowstone National Park as well as The Grand Tetons.  Still in a daze, we are remembering how filled with awe we were by the geysers, mountains, wilderness hikes, and the wildlife.  Greeting me when I got home was an email from my niece Hazel, recommending Firstborn. I really appreciate that she is continuing the family tradition of recommending books–and especially that she was remembering our special road trip.  Immediately, I got my hands on the novel and tore through it.  A great read for tweens–and up through adults! Like many appealing novels for children and adolescents, Firstborn has animals that speak to each other, and engage in deep and far-reaching conversations.  But here, they also adhere to known facts about life in the wild.  The story centers on Maggie, a magpie who leaves her home and becomes an unofficial member of a wolf pack. Blue Boy, the pack’s alpha, is her friend and companion, and she serves as both informant and confidant.  It’s a truly magical book that invites readers into pack life. Of course there’s lots of danger, excitement, beauty but there are also things we know from human families, like love and loyalty, bravery and honor. I loved revisiting the geysers, wildlife, and natural beauty of Yellowstone, but from a different perspective.  I don’t want to give away any plot details, so just trust me on this:  you’ll love it!

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