Snow White:  A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan

The story of Snow White is one of the most famous and often retold of fairy tales, across cultures and with a range of up-dates and adaptations. (You might enjoy our Snow White flight for the whole family.)  Recently, award-winning graphic novelist Matt Phelan created a stunning retelling set in Depression-era Manhattan.  It’s a surprisingly fitting time frame and the atmosphere is just right.  Samantha’s father is the King of Wall Street, who sends her off to boarding school. When Samantha’s mother dies, the King marries the Queen of the Follies–a real beauty, but a pretty terrible step-mother!  When Samantha (our Snow White, gaining the nick-name from her birth mother) flees from Mr.Hunter who has been hired to kill her, she is taken in by diverse street kids who call themselves The Seven (yes!  it’s perfect!)  The story itself is very true to the original, but is told mostly through the stunning black and white graphics–quite a bit like a silent movie.  I love the important and well-placed splashes of red that heighten the drama.

Lovers of graphic novels as young at ten will be drawn to this unique little book.  Highly recommended!


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