LITTLE RED by Bethan Woollvin: A New Retelling for Early Readers

Little Red by Bethan Woollvin

We’re always on the look-out for updated and innovative fairy tales, especially when the revamp is both humorous and irreverent.  In Little Red, the dark woods, the long trip, and especially the villainous wolf  “might have scared some little girls. But not this little girl.” Readers will delight in this repeated refrain.  And our contemporary heroine doesn’t need to wait for the Woodsman to come and save her; she carries her own axe into Grandma’s cabin and is quite capable of dealing with the wolf herself. Observant readers will note that Little Red, on her way back home through the woods, has a warm wolfskin rather than a red cape.  The illustrations are modern–bold and graphic.  Kids as young as four years old that we know have demanded repeated rereadings, and it’s a good recommendations for early readers as well.

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