lemonyThe Latke That Couldn’t Stop Screaming:  A Christmas Story by Lemony Snicket

OK, the book is red and festive.  It’s even named “a Christmas story.”  But don’t be fooled:  note that the author is one Lemony Snicket, trickster and hilarious author.  This book is for kids, but is also a very clever satire for the adults in the family, as the potato pancake hero, aka Latke,  is caught up in a Christmas home that thinks Hanukkah is the Jewish Christmas.   Holiday lights, a candy cane and a pine tree just can’t understand that not everything is about Christmas, especially a little potato pancake. The flashing lights say that the latke is basically hash browns, which go great alongside a nice Christmas ham. Finally the latke finds some kindred spirits: a Jewish family who understands him so well, it eats him.

This book is perfect for each Winter holiday season, but especially this one:  The first day of Hanukkah falls on–you guessed it–Christmas Eve!

And for a trio of fine Winter Holiday books, we recommend this blog post recommendation.


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