some-writerSome Writer:  The Story of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet

Written for children, Some Writer transcends to appeal to all ages.  One of the famous lines of Charlotte’s Web is spun by the spider Charlotte herself, where she saves Wilbur from slaughter by the miraculous “Some Pig.”  E.B. White is surely “some writer,” and Melissa Sweet’s book attests to his writerly life. Through a scrap-book retelling of his life, we as readers come to delight with him in his love of words, appreciation of nature, and emotional depth; even though he himself wrote Charlotte’s death, he recounts that he could never reread the pages without tearing up. Painstaking research went into this biography, and Sweet is able to do what many biographers fail to do:  create a lively and accessible story of the life of an incredible author.


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