New Books for Toddlers That Parents Enjoy Reading

Read-aloudSummer evenings are perfect for readalouds, with children of all ages.  Looking for recommendations for the youngest set?  Look no further!  These are fun for readers (adults and older siblings) and listeners alike.

poor-little-guyPoor Little Guy by Elanna Allen

I always love the books where the pictures take center stage and the few words reinforce the story.  Think Mo Willems and Jon Klassen.  And now, Elanna Allen. In this tale, the “poor little guy” is a small (but stylish in his hip glasses!) fish who is captured by a larger octopus.  The little yellow fish then becomes “Catch of the Day” to that octopus who playfully bats him around. Spoiler alert:  The little guy is a puffer fish who leaves the octopus with painful spines in his mouth.  Perfect for toddler rereadings, looking at the expressions of the various characters.


Inter-ChiockenInterrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

I love this book!  And not just because I love all things chicken, or because we are chicken-sitting for our neighbor’s 3 adorable chicks. It’s a playful and funny story about a familiar bedtime ritual: story time.  In a kind of story-within-a story, Little Red Chicken can’t help herself from interrupting and “warning” the characters in the tales her Papa is reading. She is so involved in the stories that she can’t help but let Hansel and Gretel know about the impending danger in the Gingerbread House, or Chicken Little that “it’s only an acorn.”  I also love the invented spellings and drawings when Little Red Chicken creates her own story.  Another delightful book to share.


Finding-WildFinding Wild by Megan Wagner Lloyd, illustrated by Abigail Halpin

What does wildness mean?  And where can you find it?  “Sometimes wild is so tiny, you have to squint to see it,” the narrator tell us.  “And then there are times you can’t possibly miss it.”  The illustrations magically meld with the words to create vivid sensuous images and emotions, as readers are invited to smell the tangy salty sea air, smell the desert air, and taste the minty herbs.  It teems with the energy of the wild and of life itself and the adventure of exploring.


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