SPACE CASE (Moon Base Alpha) by Stuart Gibbs

Space-CaseSpace Case by Stuart Gibbs

Humor? Check. Suspense?  Check. Outer Space?  Check.  Murder mystery?  Yup, that, too.  And good reviews as well.  In fact, The New York Times Book Review called the book “a delightful and brilliantly constructed middle grade thriller.”  And we agree. Our young hero, Dashiell Gibson, lives on Moon Base Alpha, and is famous in this world for being one of the first humans to live on the moon.  Sounds like an exciting life, right?  Well, no.  Poor Dashiell.  He is bored out of his mind, trapped inside the cramped base because kids aren’t allowed out on the surface of the moon. And the only other kid his age on the base is the moon’s version of a couch potato, glued to the virtual reality of his video games.  What’s a young wanna be space explorer to do? When one of the base scientists turns up dead, it’s up to Dash to take on the case because no one else believes it is murder. This thriller/murder mystery is great for space enthusiasts; each chapter is preceded by a reading from “The Official Residents’ Guide to Moon Base Alpha,” NASA’s part propaganda/part instruction manual, containing such riveting topics as “Exercise” and “Food” (based on actual science). A fun futuristic read!.

And when you finish this exciting adventure, you can immediately read Spaced Out, book 2 in the Moon Base Alpha Series. Happy Reading!


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