CASTLE HANGNAIL by Ursula Vernon: A Recommendation for Tweens

Castle-HangnailCastle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon

Ursula Vernon is the beloved author of some terrific series (like Dragonbreath,and my personal favorite Hamster Princess).  Her latest book features Molly (great name!), a young witch (12 years old) with a list of tasks to perform.  Hmm, sounds all too familiar.  But in the hands of Vernon, it takes on interesting twists and turns, and moral dilemmas.  Molly is the new master of Castle Hangnail, and must perform wicked tasks to keep the castle from being removed.  She wants to be a Wicked Witch, sure. . .but an Evil witch?  Not so much. She also has a lot of grown-up problems, like not being sure she is competent at her job, and being responsible for many others, as well as saving the castle.  It’s a quirky book, with depth and humor, and an engrossing read for tweens and early adolescents. Great illustrations sprinkled throughout the book, too.  And so many more Ursula Vernon books if this one suits you fancy!


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