THE TRIALS OF APOLLO by Rick Riordan: A Review and Recommendation

ApolloThe Trials of Apollo, Book I:  The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Apollo is back–but even fans of the The Heroes of Olympus won’t recognize him.  You see, he is being punished by Zeus, and it’s tough to punish an immortal God.  The best way is to make them return to Earth as a human.  That’s right, Apollo has become mortal and must cope with the day-to-day struggles of being a teenager.  Without his powers.  Many of the other Gods, not to mention monsters and mortals, would love to add to the punishment.  The only place he can think of to go is Camp Half-Blood, the modern enclave of Gods and demigods.  We get to catch up with many of the characters from previous books, but the focus is on the young Apollo, and the new demigod Meg.

Apollo is a great character.  He’s amusing –both his attitude and the circumstances he keeps finding himself in. In theme it’s very similar to Marvel’s Thor movie in which a god becomes mortal but takes some time to adjust to his new situation. I enjoyed Apollo’s character development and how he changes throughout the course of the adventure.

More to come in this series.  Summer is a perfect time to get started!



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