DEMIGODS AND MAGICIANS by Rick Riordan: A Review and Recommendation

DemigodsDemigods and Magicians:  Percy and Annabeth Meet the Kanes by Rick Riordan

As we wait for the next installments of Rick Riordan’s series (yes, more than one!), it’s fun to revisit characters we know and love in this collection of inter-related short stories as the Egyptian and Greek demigods team up to defeat an ancient enemy who is mixing Greek and Egyptian incantations for an evil purpose.  It’s a nice little series of cross-over adventures, told with Riordan’s signature story-telling genius.  Lots of action with giant crocodiles and three-headed monsters, not to mention incantations, magic, and gods and demigods.  To really enjoy the stories, it helps to have read both the Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicles.  I appreciate the inclusion of the illustrations of the characters–and the excerpts from the new Rick Riordan series The Trials of Apollo as well as Magnus Chase.  This short collection of Greek-Egyptian hero collaboration will help tide over Riordan fans while we wait for those forthcoming novels to come out.



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