SECRETS OF THE MANOR SERIES: Downton Abbey for Tweens

ClaireClaire’s Story, 1910:  Secrets of the Manor by Adele Whitby

A French manor, two young girls–one “upstairs” and one “downstairs”–and both at the heart of a mystery and on-going saga.  What’s not to love?  Though this 8th in the series is set a bit before our Downton obsession, it is a good lead-in and piggy-backs on Camille’s Story, 1910.

This series will be appealing to tweens who like a mystery, adventure, and a historical fiction setting in old manor houses.  I read the first in the series as well, set in the United States in 1914, Beth’s Story--also kind of cute, but to me, less appealing than the France setting.  But a great start of a generations saga of the Chatsworth family, that works both forwards and backwards as well unfolding the many secrets among grandmothers, daughters, and 11-year-old and early teen girls.

A quick and fun light reading adventure! And a great introduction to the pleasures of historical fiction, and multi-generational sagas.  And you might also check out our post:  Downton Abbey for Children’s Literature Fans.  Happy Reading!






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