Donald-DuckDonald Duck: The Old Castle’s Secret by Carl Banks

Yes, “something old and something new.”  The old comic strips (called “the funnies” in the 1950’s ) have been compiled into book-length collections.  The Carl Banks’ Donald Duck series (from 1948) is a lasting favorite–not just for the older generation, but the moms and dads and the tweens and teens of today.  The title story, “The Old Castle’s Secret,” is notable not just for being the first full-length 32-page adventure instigated by Scrooge McDuck (in his second-ever appearance), but for featuring some of Barks’s spookiest, lushest settings in old Clan McDuck castle of Dismal Downs. There are 18 more stories in this collection, ranging from one-pagers to over 30.  The title story is such a pleasure, a terrific ghost mystery set in an old Scottish castle, with puns and funny dialogue, and all the character traits that make Donald, Scrooge McDuck, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie so enduring.

Jacob-comics The art looks stunningly beautiful and detailed, thanks to the extraordinary quality of Barks’ original drawings; apparently the publishers used the original negatives for this reprinting.

MollycomicsSome 9-year-olds we know give it 5 stars!


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