Beverly Cleary’s Birthday is April 12th: Happy 100th!

beverly-clearyAll the members of our family have always been  big Beverly Cleary fans.  It helps that we live near her old stomping grounds right here in Portland, OR.  We  have even been known to take local literary vacations in her honor. On turning 100, Beverly Cleary noted:  “I didn’t do it on purpose.” For more details from her  recent interview, check out this link.

She’s pretty awesome, as you’ll discover if you dig into more of her history as a reader and writer.

In honor of Beverly Cleary’s centennial birthday, may we recommend:

RamonaRamona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary

Some heroines are princesses (Sleeping Beauty), some are very rich (Eloise), some are fabulously beautiful (Snow White), some are incredibly strong (Pippi) or brave (the Paperbag Princess). Ramona is a normal little girl – funny, smart, energetic, and beleaguered by all the problems every 8 year old faces. Kids love Ramona because they identify with her travails and the way she deals with them. Parents love Ramona for the same reasons. This is actually the second book in the series, which begins with Ramona and Her Father. For those who love the characters, there are several additional titles in the series.


If you’re interested in renewing your acquaintance with her books, scholastic has a terrific link .

Happy reading–and celebrating!



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