PRINCELESS: Another Graphic Novel for Young Feminists

PrincelessPrinceless:  Save Yourself by Jeremy Whitley, illustrated  by M. Goodwin

From the time she is a little girl, Princess Adrienne Ash has chafed at the constraints of her family–and kingdom’s–definition of the role of princess.  Not a big fan of frilly dress-up, and certainly not one to wait to be saved by someone, she is still locked away on a tower by her parents on her 16th birthday.  The plan is for her to sit there, guarded by a dragon, until rescued by a handsome prince.

But our plucky heroine has no intention of living out this fairy tale, and takes matters into her own hands.  Quick synopsis: Adrienne discovers a sword in her tower and recruits the dragon, Sparky, over to her side. They set off to free Adrienne’s sisters, all trapped in their own towers, and along the way befriend the resourceful but strange blacksmith, Bedelia. This series has it all:  terrific artwork, interesting characters and snappy, funny dialogue.  Whitley’s writing is a perfect blend of adventure and humor, addressing serious social issues without being preachy.

And the good news continues:  Adrienne’s adventures continue in several more graphic novels–6 at this writing with more to come.  This spring is a good time to get started!


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