YA Series Updates: RED RISING and RED QUEEN

Two YA series that have been causing some serious binge reading among YA readers (including some of us older adults) are the Red Rising and Red Queen series.

(For our earlier reviews of these first books of a series, check out RED RISING: Making Dystopia Fresh and Red Queen in New Series for Tweens and Teens  .)

2016 has seen both these YA stars with the latest installments recently published.  (And Hollywood is already in pre-production for Red Rising, so you’ll want to be thinking of your casting choices as you read!)

Morning-starMorning Star by Pierce Brown

We found Morning Star to be a very satisfying conclusion to a fast-paced and well-told series.  It’s hard to talk about the book without including spoilers, but I’ll do my best.  Suffice it to say, there are some sweet moments and some heart-breakers–as well as some more than surprising plot twists that readers don’t see coming.  Thrilling space battles–and ingenious plans for escape, clever dialogue, and surprising depth to a range of characters as they grow and change. Some tantalizing elements of philosophy, too.  Devotion to honor is portrayed as possible to be either courageous or an easy out–or both.  What is the purpose and power of revenge?  Readers–and audiences–will be talking about this classic series for years to come.


Glass-swordGlass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

The Red Queen series also deals with a stratified society, but in this case, it is blood color that segregates the characters.  Mare, the heroine and Red Queen of the series–continues to lead a rebellion.  She’s the perfect person for this as her blood is the red of the common folk, but her abilities would mark her as a Silver blood. Her power to control lightening makes her a terrifying enemy to the Crown, yet she needs much more than this powerful weapon.  This second novel is fast-paced and filled with battles, strategy, and lots of betrayal.  I didn’t love it as much as the first book, but enough so I am looking forward to Book 3.



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