Appreciate a Dragon Day: January 16th

DragonOur Jacob has chosen the dragon as his spirit animal, so it feels very fitting to celebrate with family a special day in January:  Appreciate a Dragon Day!  So many great books to choose from, at all age levels.  But we decided on one that the whole family can enjoy together:

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

We aren’t the only ones who love this book–it was awarded a Newbery Honor Book a couple of years ago.  The main character, Minli, grows up with folktales of the Jade Dragon, and the Old Man on the Moon, who knows all the answers to Life’s questions. She decides to set off to ask the Old Man’s help in answering questions that will help her change her family’s fortunes. She meets many creatures who help her on her quest, but our favorite is the Dragon.  Something about this tale reminds us of The Wizard of Oz. . .  Perfect for young readers to enjoy as a read-aloud, or elementary age readers to read on their own, the story has a way of grabbing older kids (and adults) as well, with the typical gorgeous illustrations Grace Lin is known for, as well as the wondrous story of friendship and adventure.   And the writing is simply elegant in this enchanting tale.  Highly recommended!


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