Octopuses: One for You and One for Me

Orange-OctWant to know more about an amazing creature “with three hearts, a brain that wraps around its throat, and a covering of slime instead of hair”?

Why not introduce your toddler to the wonderful octopus through this recent (and charming) picture book:

octopusOctopus Alone by Divya Srinivasan

Young Octopus, like many youngsters, is finding her way in a big world–in her case, the reef teeming with lots of species.  A bit timid (as an introvert, I can identify), this octopus tries her special species-specific tricks to cope:  like camouflaging her color and squirting ink at a boisterous trio of sea horses before escaping to deeper water.  The illustrations are charming, as readers meet a variety of animals and see a colorful seascape.  And yes, our little octopus friend does learn to seek and find companionship in her home–befriending the over-eager sea horses, who, it turns out, just wanted to play.  A simply-told and beautifully illustrated story our youngest audience will love–and,  it’s a good intro to the world of the octopus.


SoulThe Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration Into the Wonder of Consciousness by Sy Montgomery

Whys should your pre-schooler have all the fun? You’ll want to dig into even more wonders of the amazing octopus with this brand-new release for grown ups.  The main character in this non-fiction book is not just big-hearted; he is multi-hearted! Not only that, octopuses are smart, affectionate, and incredibly fascinating. Readers learn so much about the world of the octopus–and as a bonus,  it’s also a memoir by “an official octopus observer” from the New England Aquarium. I loved the factual information–and the philosophical musings as well.  I promise, you’ll have a new and heightened appreciation of the octopus.


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