MS. MARVEL: A Superhero for Today’s Teens–and Adults!

Ms.-MarvelMs. Marvel:  Volume I:  No Normal by G. Willow Wilson, illustrated by Adrian Alphona

It’s about time for a new Marvel Superhero, and a young woman is even more fitting.  Meet contemporary teen, Kamala Khan:  “an ordinary girl from Jersey City.”  Ms. Marvel returns as a 16-year-old Muslim girl.  The character, her super-powers, the stories, and the awesome graphics are all Marvel innovation at its height. Our hero, Kamala Khan is your typical 16-year old geeky girl who lives in a working class Muslim family.  Her family’s lifestyle holds her back from hanging out with the cool kids, going to parties:  in short, fitting in on her terms. But one night, while sneaking out to a party against her families wishes, Kamala gains shape shifting abilities in a dark mist. Now scared and amazed by having super powers, Kamala takes up her icon Carol Danvers’ (a previous Ms. Marvel incarnation) old alias and costume, Ms. Marvel, to help out the community.  I love how  Kamala is trying to work out her new powers and the pressures of school and family life at the same time. Volume I:  No Normal is a collection of the the New Ms. Marvel 1-5.  I’ve read Volumes I and II, and I’m hooked–and so are several of my adult friends, as well as teen informants. 

Stay tuned for more adventures!


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