InterstellarInterstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Meg Hunt

As readers of Litforkids know, we are enamored of Cinderella in all her retellings updates, and original glory. (See: Book Flight on CinderellaCinderella Around the World ;   and  Cinderella Revisted. ) So our interest is naturally piqued when we see titles like Interstellar Cinderella.

We can’t help but think that Underwood has read Cinder, the YA novel by Marissa Meyer.  Like Cinder, our Cinderella hero in this early reader version is a “stellar” repair mechanic for rocket ships and space vehicles.  Rather than an android sidekick, our younger heroine has a robotic mouse named Murgatroyd who helps her tinker with spaceships.  All the trappings of the original tale are here:  evil stepmother and step-sisters, fairy godmother (here, a fairy god-robot), and a Grvaity-Free Ball.  In a surprise twist, Cinderella turns down the prince’s marriage proposal, but agrees to be his chief mechanic.  Our summer readers enjoyed the rhyming text and the graphic novel-type illustrations.  This reader appreciated the focus on Cinderella’s abilities to do things rather than wear things.  Check it out!




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