A WRINKLE IN TIME: The Graphic Novel

WrinkleA Wrinkle in Time:  The Graphic Novel by Madeline L’Engle and Hope Larson

Fifty years ago, Madeline L’Engle’s ground-breaking novel was first published.  Of course, since then it has been hailed as a classic and winner of the Newbery Award.  What a fitting way to celebrate this incredible tale–by creating a graphic novel version.  Once I held the graphic novel in my hands and looked through the pages, I realized that the format provided the perfect illustrations for this amazing and beloved tale.  But that may only be because Hope Larson is the illustrator and clearly holds the novel and its themes in deep respect.

If you haven’t revisited the novel in a while–or have kids you’d like to introduce to Madeline L’Engle, I highly recommend it.  Remember the young Meg and Charles Wallace, and Calvin at the start of their odyssey?  I appreciated being re-introduced to the three Mrs.:  Who, Whatsit, and Which.  United, they are powers that can fight off the dark forces of the universe.  This classic has aged well, too, with a strong female protagonist, as well as intriguing science fiction elements.

It’s got me on the lookout for similar graphic renditions of old favorites.  Let is know when you come across your own re-visioned treasures!


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