CleopatraLooking for the latest good graphic novel series for young readers?  Look no further than Cleopatra in Space.  We reviewed Cleopatra in Space #1 Target Practice when it first came out, and we are delighted to announce #2 in the series: Cleopatra in Space:  The Thief and the Sword  by Mike Maihack.

Cleopatra’s latest adventure is hot off the presses.  In her first book, she recovered an ancient and powerful sword.  When it is stolen by a mysterious thief, our heroine is determined to get it back.  She also is continuing to learn more about the prophecy that names her savior of the Galaxy.  All the while, attending school with her new friends at Yasiro Academy.  Cleopatra is a terrific character; she has a confidence, feistiness, and sense of fun that makes her appealing.  I also love the layout of a futuristic Egypt complete with cool pyramid skyscrapers.  Highly recommended for 8 to 12-year-olds who love graphic novels.

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