Tweens and Teens Series Updates!

~ posted by Ruth

As soon as we begin our posts updating the series we love, other titles are published.  We already have a second list of “must-read” latest-in-the-series, so stay tuned for another edition soon.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on these new titles:

FairestFairest: The Lunar Chronicles:  Levana’s Story by Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles have topped our YA Recommended list since Meyer first published Cinder.  This shorter novel tells the story behind the evil lunar Queen Levana before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress (heroines of the other novels in the series). It helps to have the backstory to this fascinating villain, though it doesn’t help explain why she is so evil.  This prequel does help set up the next tale to come:  Winter.  I was intrigued with the way Meyer was able to create this retelling of Snow White; the glamour spell that Levana is able to create and uphold is an interesting twist.  And she certainly does become an evil stepmother!  No spoilers here–just an invitation to dig in and enjoy.


AtlantisAtlantis in Peril by T. A. Barron

Coming this spring, the second novel in a planned trilogy about the fantasy world of Atlantis.  We loved the first one, Atlantis Rising.  And Barron sustains his magical writing and wonderful characters in the sequel.  The evil Narkazan is back, plotting to take over the land of Atlantis as well as the spirit realm.  Fortunately, our heroes Promi and Atlanta are in on the adventure, working to save the mysterious island, and the natural world.  Their relationship is growing and deepening, though they must contend with the veil between the worlds that separates them in both time and space.  Fantasy-loving teens, tweens, and the adults in their lives will enjoy this read, and look forward to the final book in the series.


 Golden-SonGolden Sun:  Book II of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Yes, it’s another dystopian future YA series. (The first in the series is Red Rising. You can tell we loved it from our post! )  But with enough sci-fi (such as genetically altered “golds”, truth-telling scorpions, elements of special and dangerous “games”) to keep readers intrigued and guessing about what will happen next.  I appreciate the continuing character development of our hero, Darrow, as well as the others who people the novel.  Lots of growing and changing, shifting alliances, continuing romance, and spectacular challenges.  Darrow, you recall, is a lowly Red at the start of the first novel, whose young wife is killed for her rebellion.  Saved by the rebels, he is altered to become a Gold and lead the revolution from the inside.  The second novel is, if possible, even better, as the characters are engaged in further challenges.  The ending is a cliff-hanger, so you ‘ll be anxiously waiting  for the 3rd novel!



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