National Pi Day is March 14th

~posted by Ruth

What could be more fun than celebrating the mathematical elegance of pi–and eating its homophone (aka pie)?   For nerdy readers (like me), here’s the reason why Pi DayPi:

“Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.”  For more information and Pi Day trivia, check out the Pi Day site.

To learn more about pi  (and pie) through cool children’s literature, browse the following list:

Dragon-of-PiSir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander, illustrated by Wayne Geean

I love the mathematical plays on words for the characters’ names in this book.  Not only Sir Cumference, but of course the Lady Di of Ameter, not to mention the young boy at the center of the story, Radius.  Radius must use math to save his father.  It’s a great introduction to the concept of pi for younger students, and I know oh high school math teachers who use the whole Sir Cumference series with their students as a fun diversion and review.  Slightly silly, but entertaining and educational.


Pi-in-the-skyPi in the Sky by Wendy Mass

Here’s a science fiction book to intrigue science enthusiasts, from a well-loved author for tweens, Wendy Maas.  This time, her hero is Josh, 7th son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe.  While Josh’s brothers have important jobs, he finds his own to be quite menial:  delivering pies for his father. Living in the Realms, locked inside dark matter, it feels to Josh like “nothing elver happens.,”   Until an Earth girl, Annika, exploring the skies with her telescope, spies the Realms, and is transported there.  Turns out Earth has been removed from the space-time continuum!  Josh must fix things by rebuilding the entire solar system.  As usual, Wendy Maas brings us to new worlds through a great read.


PiePie by Sarah Weeks

How do you leave a pie recipe to a cat?  And why is it such a coveted recipe in the first place?  Well, Alice’s Aunt Polly is the Pie Queen of Ipswich, and everyone want to be able to win the pie contests with her award-winning recipes.   Here’s a book for Pi Day that celebrates that glorious circle, the dessert of champions:  Pie!  Filled with recipes, engaging characters, and sweet themes of friendship and family, Pie is a winner to read aloud on Pi Day–or anytime!




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