EL DEAFO by Cece Bell: An Enthusiastic Review

El-DeafoWe are always on the lookout for new graphic novels that capture young readers minds and hearts.  El Deafo by Cece Bell does just that.  Bell’s memoir is told with humor and poignancy as she relates her journey through words and pictures.  An early bout with spinal meningitis leaves her with severe hearing loss, and her tale is both about adjusting to her hearing difficulties (as well as her hearing aids trials and tribulations) AND her search for a true friend.

I found it touching, funny–and downright inspiring.  I especially love the way she creates her own superhero:  El Deafo!  And daydreams El Deafo’s triumphs, all the while narrating her adventures mentally. ( I also appreciate that the characters are all rabbits!)  And they are terrific characters we might recognize from our own childhoods–the perfect friend we lose and try to get back, the bossy overpowering friend, the friend she has a crush on.  I suffered with Cece through her phase with the “too-sensitive-to -her-Deafness” friend as well.

But enough about my recommendation.  Molly was immediately drawn to this book, reading it over and over.  Meghan was able to take Molly to meet Cece Bell and she was beside herself!  Bell signed her well-loved book, and noted that it looked like it had been read a few times.

Highly recommended, whether you are a tween, parent, teacher–or grandmother!


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