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MustacheThe Mustache that Cured World Hunger by Kyle B. Hart,

Just a few weeks after we posted the list of picture books that celebrate mustaches, this delightful book fell in my lap, courtesy of my colleague at Lewis & Clark College, Kimberly Campbell.  One of her students, preparing to become a high school teacher, has a close friend who has written the tale, and she thought I might appreciate its humor, whimsical illustrations, and catchy rhymes.  I was immediately hooked, and bought a copy to share with Molly and Jacob over the holidays.

The good news is, they absolutely loved it.  For Jacob especially, it became the go-to book to read and share and keep in his bedside stack for late-night rereading.  The whackiness of the premise immediately drew the kids in–the idea that “Steve’s mustache” has his own power and personality, leaving his home on Steve’s face each night to fly around the world delivering food to the hungry people of the world.  This is a mustache with a social conscience!  Like his creator, Kyle, who donates 50% of the proceeds of the book to the Oregon Food Bank.

The pictures are fresh and funny, and I can attest to their appeal to 7-year-olds, and the many adults who shared the book over the holidays. When I told Jacob and Molly that Ben, a student at my school, is good friends with Kyle, their eyes got big.  “You mean you know the author?”

“No,” I admitted, “but I ‘ll bet Kimberly would ask him to autograph your book.”

I hope to get them their freshly inscribed copy in time for their birthday.

Thanks, Ben–and Kyle!


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