WINGS AND CO: The Latest from Great Britain!

Wings-and-Co-4Straight from Great Britain, Wings & Co Book 4 arrived in time for our New Year’s celebration.  The series seems to get better and better–even though it started off really strong!  The Matchbox Mysteries by Sally Gardner continues to follow the adventures of Emily Vole and her friends as they solve mysteries for their very own fairy detective agency.  Back in Podgy Bottom, the friends (including a large talking cat named Fidget: Buster, a grumpy boy fairy who has been eleven years old for over 100 years; a set of walking keys; and a vain magic lamp) take on the mystery of the thief who is shrinking cars to matchbox size and pocketing them.  We also celebrate the return of the most horrible of villains, Harpella the witch.  When we last met her, she had been changed into a large purple rabbit.  Here, she is reunited with her evil alchemist magic broomstick, wreaking havoc on Podgy Bottom and beyond!

MatchboxLike the other books in this series, readers delight in the special humor, magic, and fun of the stories, and the delightful British wit and wordplay. Fidget is still heard exclaiming “Spot on the fishcake!” And showing his affection for Emily Vole by calling her, “my little ducks.”   A true delight as a family readaloud.

New to the series?  Learn more from our review of the earlier books in the series: Wings and Co:  Perfect Readaloud for Young Readers.


We not only enjoyed reading the book. but creating our own illustrations:






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