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NateI have a special fondness for the series Nate the Great.  My own Nate the Great was born the same year as Marjorie Weinman Sharmat created the original character:  1977.  Though we called him Nathan (and now Uncle Nathan aka Uncle Hub),  the connection was strong.  Even as a little boy, Nathan was like our hero Nate with his ironic wit, clever detective skills, and yes, love of pancakes.

So it was with great pleasure I noted the publication this year  of the latest in Sharmat’s long-running series for beginning readers:  Nate the Great Where Are You? and decided to check it out after all these years.  And the good news is, it is as wonderful as ever!  Nate, of course, still relies on his canine sidekick Sludge, and the familiar characters are in on their latest case, which ends up multiplying into several mysteries, all needing Nate’s immediate attention. Rosamond is as odd as ever, Annie is still obsessing over her dog Fang (whose toothpaste is missing), and Claude’s request adds to the tangled case.

If you are new to this series, check out the original Nate the Great and share this and the many other Nate the Great adventures with the young readers in your life.

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