Scotland and England: National Tell a Story Day is October 27th

SelkieScots and Brits celebrate National Story Telling Day on October 27th.  Why not join in the fun?  Of course, we here in the United States have a day devoted to the wonders and power of telling stories, but that’s way off in April, on the 27th, too as it happens.  Since the two holidays are exactly 6 months apart, we’ve decided to honor both and delight in this celebration twice a year instead of once only.

Invite this tradition into your home as well.  Fall is the perfect time for spooky stories, and you can set the mood  by turning down the lights and holding flashlights under your chin.  What stories to tell?  There are plenty of mysterious and eerie fairy tales and myths and legends from the British Isles.

FinnYou might want to check out Scotland’s Storytelling Center.  We especially love the resources on Scotland’s Stories where you can find stories of the selkies, the Wee Bannock, and of course, Finn MacCool.

If you prefer your story telling to be a traditional readaloud, you might try out these Scottish stories in picture book form.  This is just a start.  Enjoy!

Seal-childrenThe Seal Children by Jackie Morris

Welsh artist and writer Jackie Morris is the perfect author to bring this legend to life in the pages of a picture book.  The selkie myth of a half-human/half seal race who interact on occasion with humans is one of hope and love, separation and loss.  Beautifully told in words and pictures, we see the Welsh village and sea through the eyes of the seal children Ffion and Morlo.  You’ll want to delve into Morris’ other tales once you’ve read this one!


DragonThe Dragon Stoorworm by Theresa Breslin

Scottish writer Theresa Breslin weaves a brilliant and (I’m told) authentic tale about the “very first, very worst Dragon that ever lived.”  He was so enormous, he was almost as big as all of Scotland!  Who will save the Princess Gemdelovely frombeing eaten?  Only the bravest will attempt it; none who face him have ever returned.  But the Princess, together with Gentle Assipattle, can free all of Scotland.   The illustrations are simply magical, and the story told with wit and grace.  Brand new!  Don’t miss it!


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