October is National Pizza Month!

PizzaWhenever we make bets or throw out challenges to Jacob, we are pretty confident of the prize he’ll choose:  PIZZA!  We owed him several pizza nights last summer, which led to us finding some great pizza spots here in Portland.  In honor of Jacob, we’ll be celebrating Pizza month this year throughout the month of October.

SecretSecret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin

“Ah, pizza… So beautiful, you could hang it on the wall of a museum. So convenient you could eat it in the bathtub.” Nobody loves Pizza like Raccoon (except maybe Jacob!).  But not so easy for a forlorn Raccoon to get his paws on, especially from his nemesis The Pizza Man, who chases him off  from the Pizza Parlor with a broom.   But Raccoon is a clever one, and devises a heist in order to throw a secret pizza party. He succeeds in capturing the pizza, but what fun is it to eat alone?  Luckily he finds people (wearing zany masks) to share in his party.  Another whacky picture book from the author of Dragon Loves Tacos.


PizzaPizza at Sally’s  by Monica Wellington

A terrific book to tie into the local farming movement.  Sally grows her own tomatoes, buys locally made cheese, and makes her pizza from scratch.  Not just politically correct, though–kids love this brightly illustrated, easy-reader format book.  Sally herself is  cheerful and friendly, and the pizza process is delightfully explained.  You’ll be ready for a big slice when you finsih reading this with your kids!


Red-HenThe Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philomen Sturgess, illustrated by Amy Walrod

What happens when the Little Red Hen decided not to bake bread, but a pizza instead?  That’s the premise of this retelling of the Chicken Licken tale.  Like the original Little Red Hen, her friends are no help to her, always giving her the expected reply: “Not I,” said the duck donning her swim cap and tube. “Not I,” said the dog wearing a box of dog biscuits and a party hat. “Not I,” said the hep blue cat playing the saxophone. If you think the original moral is important to the story, you’ll be a bit disappointed.  Personally, I appreciate the fact that Little Red decides to share with her friends anyway and guilt-trips them into helping her clean up.  The illustrations are hilarious and appealing to kids and adults alike.


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