Name Your Car Day, October 2nd

Car-bookHave you ever named your car? October 2nd is the perfect day to do it. Why not name your car after a  favorite literary character?  We know one Jane Austin fan who named her car Fitzwilliam, after Mr. Darcy, and another who found Molly a fitting name after reading Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows.  After all, her car, like Molly, was “little, red, and feisty.”  We just traded in our ten-year-old Prius for a newer version and are desperately seeking names.  Any suggestions?

To complement your celebration of Name Your Car Day, you might like to read a book or two about cars that are the main character–and yes, they have delicious names.  Enjoy–and Happy Name Your Car Day!

The-CarThe Car by Gary Paulesen

A terrific novel by one of our favorite YA authors.  Middle and high schoolers appreciate the honesty and realistic characters in Paulsen’s work, and The Car is no exception. Abandoned by parents who leave each other at the same time, fourteen-year-old Terry completes a car kit his father had begun and decides to drive across the country to Oregon.  He encounters Vietnam War vet Waylon en route, who joins him in his adventure. Yes, the car has a a name; Terry calls it “cat” since it is a Blakely Bearcat.  A well-written and thoughtful coming of age novel.


ChittyChitty Chitty Bang Bang:  The Magical Car by Ian Fleming, illustrated by John Burningham

We urge you to try out this illustrated version, the original one. It’s in keeping with the very British Ian Fleming’s writing. (Of course, readers know he is best known for this adult series of James Bond spy novels).  Though there has also been a popular movie with the same title, trust me, they are very different stories!  This one is the true classic. In this tale, the Potts family recognizes the magic of a special car.  Though she is rusted and cracked, they lovingly restore her to her former glory as a beautiful touring car.  Her name, of course, is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the glorious noises she makes.  She’s a flying, floating, drive-by-herself automobile that takes the Potts family on many adventures. Humor and adventure galore!  Check out the 50th anniversary edition, just out!

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