Revisiting Fairy Gardens

~posted by Ruth

Fairy-Garden-1Welcome back to our Fairy Garden!  Last summer, we began a summer tradition of inviting the fairies to our garden, writing notes and books back and forth, and leaving sweet treats for them.  (Check out Fairy Gardens:  A Backyard Adventure).  This summer, we added a beautiful hand-painted gazebo, a beer bottle cap walkway (thanks, Grandpa!), and tiny seashells from a visit to the Oregon Coast.  We were rewarded by many sweet notes from Trula, and Bon Bon, and even a visit from the Tooth Fairy!  They loved the tiny sugar cookies, blueberries and chocolate chips we left so much they even invited Tinkerbell to visit.

Fairy-garden-2Molly is sure that Bon Bon is a sweet treat fairy, and that Trula is a water nymph fairy.  This fall, we are planning to read up on the flower fairy visitors to our Fairy Garden, too, with a classic illustrated guide.  Next year, we’ll be having special invitations for little winged friends of the floral variety!  Got your own recommendation for fairy books or backyard adventures?  Be sure to let us know!

Flower-FairiesFlower Fairies of the Garden by Cicely Mary Barker

In the 1920’s, Cicely Mary Barker created a classic resource for Flower Fairy fans, with poems and water colors of about two dozen flowers and their guardian fairies.  While it was out of print for many years, the book has been brought back in a new edition (in 2008) and it is simply stunning.  I remember the illustrations as captivating from the earlier edition, but I have a new appreciation of the lilting poems.  If you like this particular book, you’ll want to try the others in Barker’s Flower Fairy series.




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