Sean Recommends THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins

Hunger-GamesThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Reviewed by Sean Jacobson

Has your name ever been drawn from a bowl? Usually that’s a good thing right? Well you’re wrong! In the book, The Hunger Games, Collins writes a thriller about a girl named Katniss. She has to compete in a survival challenge vs 22 other killers. The goal is to kill out all your opponents and be the last person standing. Katniss’s little sister Primm got called to compete in this brutal challenge. But Katniss being her protective big sister and all, she volunteered to take Primm’s place. I love this book because it’s filled with mystery, action, and suspense. Will Katniss survive? Or will her very daring swap end up stabbing her in the back?

After Katniss volunteers to participate in The Hunger Games, she is taken by guards to a monorail where she meets her other district partner Peeta, and her adviser Haymitch. Haymitch was a past winner in The Hunger Games. Haymitch was drunk and he didn’t provide much help to Katniss and Peeta. When they get to the Hunger Games stadium she is forced through intensive training that includes agility tests, bow and arrow shooting, and stabbing things. Katniss excels at bow and arrow because she was raised in a place called District 12 where she did lots of hunting. There are 12 districts and 2 people from each district have to compete in the Hunger Games if called. Soon Katniss is called in a room where she will be given a score from the judges. During her evaluation the judges ignored Katniss because they were tired of seeing 23 other people perform for them. Since the judges were ignoring Katniss, she decided to do something drastic. It was so drastic that I can’t tell you, you need to find out when you read. Later Katniss gets put in a glass tube and gets lifted up in the Hunger Games arena. The Hunger Games have officially begun.

A reason to read this book is because of the great setting. This book takes place inside a chamber simulation made into a jungle. But what really makes this setting pop is the special effects. Have you ever had a fire ball thrown at your face? Have you ever been shot at by other people in the jungle? Well I don’t think so.

Another reason to read this book is because there is an emotional backstory behind this theme. Katniss fights for love, she fights to live. Her family is at home watching her on T.V, fearing for Katniss’s safety. The odds of Katniss winning are 24 to 1. Would you be worried if your loved one was in there? Her family deeply worries for her return home.

The Hunger Games is a book I recommend to all action lovers. If you get sad easily, this book might not suit you. I do have some advice that came from the book. First, never take food for granted, second, watch your back, and third, watch what you do. Why do I say that? Because first, the book is so addicting when I read it I didn’t eat anything and second a cat scratched my back when I wasn’t paying attention while reading the book. I hope you visit your local library and, read this book!!!


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