Laresa Recommends TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer

TwilightTwilight  by Stephanie Meyer

Recommended by Laresa Myshchuk

In Stephenie Meyer’s world romances and adventures fly through her pages. As you read Twilight, dazzling questions will pop into your mind. The way she writes her books is just amazing. As you read the very first page, there’s this quote that will drag you into the book, “Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone I loved, noble even. That ought to count for something.’’ This book will never be put down because of the romances and adventures.

Bella, who is courageous, mysterious, and beautiful, finds her other half in the town where she was born. She is the only child in the Swan family. Her parents are separated so she is coming to visit her dad. Charlie, Bella’s dad who is a police officer lives in Forks. In the town where she was born, Bella’s adventures are waiting. Where she finds and learns about vampires and werewolves. So join her adventure in the Twilight series.

Through the pages of Twilight action, romances, adventure and drama are waiting to be read. In the beginning of the book, the way Bella falls in love with Edward is so romantic. Also, the drama that happens between the characters can be unexpected, sad, and funny. The adventures are very exciting to read about because they are always interesting.

Another reason why this book is good to read is because of how the book is written. Stephenie Meyer is a very good author. She writes every page with imagination, feelings, love and emotion. Also, she writes her books with tone that changes during important events, characters talking, fights or just the characters feeling change. Meyer’s books have a lot of events that drag people into the books.

In every book there is a theme or themes. Twilight has a lot of message to the people who read Twilight. One message is find out who are the people who you like to be friends with or more than friends.

I recommend this book to people who love fantasy, action, adventure, and romantic books. I recommend Twilight.


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