Hannah Recommends SCORPIA by Anthony Horowitz

ScorpiaScorpia by Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed by Hannah Robinson

Imagine that you are going to walk out of school and drop dead. There is nothing you can do about it. On top of that, you don’t even know it’s going to happen! The only person who can save you is a fourteen year old boy. That fourteen year old boy is Alex Rider from Scorpia, written by the brilliant Anthony Horowitz.

Alex is a fourteen year old spy who has lost his parents. In this book, Alex goes to Venice to find a lady named Ms. Rothman. He is doing so because he was told Ms. Rothman would have the answers to his parents, death. Ms. Rothman is actually one of the leaders of a terrorist group called Scorpia. When Alex finds Ms. Rothman, she said she did know the answers to his parents’ death. Ms. Rothman also has a question for Alex. She wants Alex to join Scorpia.

One reason why you should read this book is because of how fantastic the author’s writing style is. Anthony Horowitz wrote the book in a third person point of view. This writing style was a good choice because there is a lot of fighting scenes in the book, and it would be hard for Alex to describe them. Also, the tone of the book is funny, yet serious. An example of this is when Ms. Rothman says, “But first you have to say you’ve forgiven me. What happened to you at the Ca’Vedova was monstrous. I feel utterly embarrassed.” Alex replies with “You mean trying to kill me.” Getting nearly killed is a serious thing, but Alex says it in a sarcastic tone, making it funny.

Another reason why you should read this book is because of its ground breaking theme. I think the theme of the story is, just because someone tells you something, doesn’t make it true. I believe Horowitz did this because in life, people are going to tell you one thing, but you have to stick with your gut feeling. The author states, “At the very last second, almost unconsciously, he changed his aim.” You see, Alex’s mission was to shoot and kill a woman, but he changed his aim because he knew that shooting her would be wrong.

Over all, Scorpia is an extremely exceptional book. The author’s style in writing is fantastic, and the theme is inspirational. Always be friendly to your table partner in school. Who knows, they might end up being the only person who can save you.


Several of Hannah’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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