Damon Recommends FULL-BLOODED by Amanda Carlson

Full-BloodedFull-Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Reviewed by Damon Latimer-Marquez

What if you were different than everyone else? No, I don’t mean personality or the way you look, I mean being the only female in your whole pack. Well, that’s the case Jessica McCain is in. She is a female werewolf, which every other werewolf is a male. She gets mistreated by a few werewolves because of her gender too. Finding this book was a dream of mine, I love things about the supernatural but not big into fantasy. So finding something without a majestic unicorn in it or a magical land in, it was perfect.

Jessica McCain lived a normal life as Molly Hannon, but she will go through something that will change her life forever. Being the slowest and the only female in the pack is really hard on Jessica. She gets taunted by other male wolves and is underestimated for her strength. Jessica is different than everyone else, not by gender, strength, but she is a different type of werewolf, a Lycan, the last Lycan in the world.

The author, Amanda Carlson is personally one of the most descriptive authors I have ever read a book by. She writes Full Blooded, in a first person point of view. She uses Jessica McCain (the main character) to express how she feels on things that happen in the book. She changes if she is humorous to serious depending on the character. Jessica McCain being the main character of the story, she usually writes in a humorous way since Jessica is talking most of the time. For example, “I can’t believe a rogue wolf tried to attack me, what kind of wolf does he think I am,” said Jessica McCain. “The female kind,” her brother, Tyler replied.

Another reason to read Full-Blooded is because of all the characters. There are tons of characters, ranging from humans to vampires to even a were-cat. All these characters are greatly described to like you know them in real life. Amanda Carlson deeply describes them throughout the book but then there are so many of them adding onto story, no characters is minor. My personal favorite is her description of Rourke. (the were-cat) An example of how Jessica thinks of Rourke, “Everyone thinks I am weird for being a female wolf, then we have Rourke, over here, who is this mysterious were-cat, supposedly has the ability to kill 10 wolves, in wolf form , with his fists and without using a his full cat form, and I am here getting all the attention.” It did turn out Rourke was my favorite character out of Full Blooded. Rourke, has a unique personality, not being able to tell if he is a protagonist or antagonist, because of the things he does, like once he kidnapped Jessica McCain, but it was for her “safety,” so it’s more your opinion to figure out if he is the hero or villain.

My final reason is the theme of the book. The theme plays a great part on making Jessica who she is, without it, the book would be way different with, close to none action. In the book, Jessica is a daredevil, making her not really thinking about her actions before she does it, so she kind of runs out into the middle of a fight by herself when people are coming to help. So the theme is, not to always try to complete something by alone. Jessica goes through getting her hip blown off, to mental damage throughout the book just because she doesn’t have the patience to wait for others when she knows there is action. Not just hurting herself, she also gets into trouble with police, by getting into tons of fights and not waiting for her friend Marcy (a witch) to fix the crime scene and making it look like a simple accident happened or a break in. I personally find this a very good skill to have aka patience.

Full-Blooded is a great book for anyone who is interested in reading. From Amanda Carlson’s great writing abilities to having a million characters all play a huge part in the book. These are not even the best things about Full-Blooded, the best thing is there is 2 more!

Several of Damon’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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